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Obituary for Sarah Josephine Prendiville

Remembrances for Sarah

Sassy, spunky, stylish, loving, brave and kind. These are the words used to describe Sarah in the thousands of messages our family received from friends and family over the last few days. Sarah is light. Her laugh is infectious, and she cares deeply about those around her. Throughout her high school years attending St. John’s Ravenscourt School, our house on Handsart was a revolving door for those that hung around Sarah. She made our house a home to so many others. There is nothing Sarah loves more than snuggling under a million blankets with copious amounts of candy surrounding her watching a good show with loved ones.

Sarah is fierce. After completing high school, Sarah attended the University of Winnipeg and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology. In the midst of her Bachelor studies, Sarah’s curiosity and love for travel took her to Shanghai Normal University in 2014 where she spent the summer exploring Shanghai and completing her studies in Chinese Culture and Traditions. After graduation, Sarah took off from Winnipeg to further pursue her passion for criminology, obtaining a Master of Arts in Criminology and Sociolegal Studies from the University of Toronto. Without doubt, she’s the smartest, hardest working Prendiville out of all three of us kids.

Sarah was made for Toronto and it became her second home. Any night after hustling hard being a boss betch as a Security Manager overseeing the St. Regis Hotel in Toronto, she could be found at home cooking up a storm of homemade sweet potato gnocchi or baking some wildly complicated red velvet cake that deserves a spotlight on the next Netflix reality baking show. She owns the kitchen and shares her love through her beautifully talented cooking and baking.

Sarah has depth like no other. She loves deep chats about life and finding the greater meaning to our purpose here on earth. Sarah, we love you, and know that you’re here with us in light and love. We promise to honour you everyday in our actions and behaviour moving forward. We promise to choose kindness and love for you everyday.